YLLO – Turmeric Body Scrub – Turmeric Exfoliant for All Skin Types, 200 Grams

YLLO – Turmeric Body Scrub – Turmeric Exfoliant for All Skin Types, 200 Grams

Inspired by Indian traditions that naturally nourish skin in transparent and holistic ways, YLLO seeks to address complicated problems with ingredients you can feel good about.*

This gentle Turmeric body scrub helps address the appearance of blemishes and minor redness, visibly lighten facial hair, and promote even skin tone. YLLO’s unique body scrub works to deeply exfoliate, awaken, and soften your skin. Natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.*

Mix and customize with a teaspoon of water, apple cider vinegar, or rosewater. A little goes a long way!*

10% of YLLO profits are donated to charities working to end child marriage and empowering girls to develop vocational training and skills.*

Product Features

  • Turmeric’s active properties may help address minor visible irritations and lighten the appearance of body hair.*
  • Arrowroot powder, turmeric, and cane sugar slough off dead skin cells for instant radiance, while vitamin E and grape seed oil leave your skin teddy bear soft.*
  • Epsom salt melts against the skin and may offer soothing properties. It can also help dislodge visible blackheads.*
  • Long-term use can help address the appearance of scars, blemishes, uneven tone, and visible signs of aging.*
  • No staining! Our other ingredients work together counteract turmeric’s natural staining properties to leave your skin with no yellow tint.*

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