Vitamin K2 and Heart Health

Vitamin K2 and Heart Health

-1 out of every 2 Americans die of heart disease today.
-Over 600,000 people die per year from heart disease (not including strokes).
-Over 1 million people die per year from cardiovascular illnesses (heart disease and strokes).

Types of Vitamin K:
-Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables.
-Vitamin K2 is found in fermented dairy products.

Studies on Vitamin K2:
-The Rotterdam study found that consuming 40 mcg of Vitamin K2 daily, reduced one’s chance of heart disease and stroke by 50%.
-Another study, performed on over 16,000 people, found that for every 10 mcg of Vitamin K2 consumed, one’s chance of acquiring cardiovascular disease dropped by 9% for every 10 oz.

Sources of Vitamin K2:
-Vitamin K2 is best absorbed through real food sources, rather than supplementation.
-Grass-fed raw cheese and fermented cultured dairy beverages, like kefir, goat milk, and Amasi, are the best dietary sources of Vitamin K2.
-Aim for consuming 40 mcg of Vitamin K2 daily, which equates to about 4 oz. of raw dairy for optimal heart health.

Benefits of Vitamin K2:
-Vitamin K2 promotes bone and heart health more effectively than Vitamin K1.
-Raw, unpasteurized dairy is more nutritious than processed dairy.
-Raw cheese is also a great source of protein and healthy fats.

Snack Ideas:
-Consume raw cheese with:
flax seed crackers
apple slices
almond butter

To learn more about Vitamin K2 and heart health, check out:

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Linda Hendrex says:

I am dairy sensitive and so these food sources aren't good for me. Is there a food source of k2 that is not dairy based?

Håkon Martin Nilsen Bjerke says:

Is a supplement OK, i dont wanna drink goats milk man….

Alekai says:

Vitamin K1 gets converted to K2 by bacteria in the gut. Just eat foods rich in vitamin K1, such as vegetables, which are protective against heart disease, unlike the cheese and beef you recommend

Ricardo Warner says:

It’s vital the dairy you buy is from grass fed cows not cows fed with grain.

paulisaez says:

What do I do Josh if I could not eat cheese or eat milk products. Soy is also a dilema…..??????

Raja Shahja says:

This is the best video on K2 i watched till date, since other videos are out there to sell us their K2 supplements and this guy is telling us how to get K2 from foods; God bless.

Ani Mali says:

Dr Axe, do you have lupus? I see a butterfly on your face. I hope it's just sunburn.

Adam Kovacs says:

does sauerkraut have K2?

Lidia Sangeorzan says:

Thank you????

Caliko Kat says:

I don't eat dairy :/

Valshanee Miles says:

39 weeks pregnant and trying to avoid antibiotic with milk kefir. tested GBS positive. will and baby be okay if I decline antibiotics.

Gloria Adejumo says:

Dr.josh can a breastfeeding mum take vitamin k2 supplements

aaron rubio says:

k2, throw up the gang sign

gil bkk says:

how to be sure ur cheese or whatever has the k2, in a supplement, you hopefully get the dose you need & want… no guess work…

Remy Lebeau says:

I have a question. If I have an auto-immune disorder, won't I have trouble digesting it anyways? What if my psoriasis reacts to having dairy products?

Remy Lebeau says:

Seems like our evil government is trying to kill us all because they try to force people to have everything pasteurized, and the few good alternatives are super expensive.

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