Turmeric – The Anti-inflammation Super Herb

Turmeric – The Anti-inflammation Super Herb

This Super herb stands out among the rest when it comes to it’s ant-inflammatory, circulation, weight-loss, and immunity boosting characteristics. Grown organically in the rich, fertile soil on the North shore of the Garden Island of Kauai in Hawai’i, this herb is unmatched in its potency in the marketplace, based on how it is grown, cured raw and delivered fresh in a delicious selection of Herbal teas and powders. If you are trying to lose weight, increase your circulation, stay healthy, and reduce excess body inflammation, this video is a must see!




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BijouLover8 says:

Try the. OSHA ROOT for COPD or asthma or any lung issues. Research it……just as good as inhalers. Health food store have elixirs of it

Jamie Hurley says:

We had been given advice on these types of things thousands of years ago from the Holy Scriptures. There are many scripture that mentioned that humans are to eat green leafy plants… and fruits and vegetables, ….Even oils such as Frankincense and myrrh and so on… We now can see the value in these things.

 On the first day, you will take the fruit of majestic trees, the fronds of palm trees, the branches of leafy trees and poplars of the valley, and you will rejoice before Jehovah your God for seven days.

The swedish garden amateur says:

I have read you should boil the tumeric 7 -10 minuters to get the nutriens more available. You seems to know a lot about this so what is your opinion on that? I can get organic powder in the store but hard to find fresh here! How do you recomend using the powder? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Kauai Farmacy says:

Aloha kiss 109, We know you can not all be here with us. It's one of the main things that motivated us to do what we are doing. To help people back on the mainland. Please try the tea. It can certainly help with the weight issues, which can lead to so many other health problems. Aloha, Doug

kiss109 says:

I wish I can be over there. I'm an over weight asthmatic and I wish I can grow food and eat like this. I would love to visit Kauai or even live there. beautiful

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