Turmeric Tea Recipe For Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight With Turmeric Tea -Instant Belly Fat Burner

Turmeric Tea Recipe For Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight With Turmeric Tea -Instant Belly Fat Burner

turmeric tea for weight loss with fresh turmeric root, lose 1 kg in 2 days with turmeric tea, instant belly fat burner #turmerictea #turmericteaforweightloss in in this video I am sharing how to make turmeric tea which not only helps to burn belly fat & weight loss, it also helps to boost immunity, and helps to manage arthritic pain. Since monsoons has started here in Kozhikode, Kerala and to boost my immunity I have been having this turmeric tea for about a week now. This immune boosting and weight loss tea will help you and your family to fight many diseases along with keeping your weight in check.
The most important aspects are that the turmeric is cooked and combined with a small amount of black pepper and ghee or any healthy fat, as they both increases the absorption of the curcumin.
Pepper and desi ghee helps in the absorption of turmeric so do not skip it.
If having cough, cold, allergy make this tea bedtime and you will be amazed by the results.
Try to use a steel pan to make the tea, avoid non stick coated pans/aluminium pans etc. Avoid making this tea in a microwave.
You can use 1/2 tsp ground turmeric powder and 1/4 tsp black pepper powder instead.
PS: I personally do not use microwave and does not even own one. Conventional cooking is the best for better health.
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Tanuja Meghamala says:

Ghee will not make me fat????

rajasree chakraborty says:

can one drink this tea who has high blood pressure??

Taranum Jahan says:

Mam I am using your turmeric mix, do I need to add ghee for it too

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#asknishahomey Can i have my thyroid tablet after this tea? Plzz reply

Kishan Kishan says:

turmeric jo khane me use krte hain wo haldi

Arundhuti Banerjee says:

Every morning i eat 1 small piece of turmeric root with 5/6 pepper corns in raw form.. Is it equally beneficial?

Ya' Hyness says:

I don't think it tastes good tho

Ya' Hyness says:

You explain very well .

Chaitali Chohan says:

After drinking this tea ..when can I have milk tea and breakfast ..cause it's important for me to have milk tea first thing in the morning..please reply

srishti kumari says:

Can I use powder turmeric

ashudeepti says:

Can feeding mother take this

Anita Rai says:

Hi mam …..how long can we have turmeric tea daily is there any side effect…?

Beauty Osas says:

Can I use ginger powder, turmeric powder nd black pepper?

Jibi Raphi says:

is this curry turmeric??

jelly brar says:

Madam hindi main aap kyu nhi bolti

Muskan Singh says:

It also help us to make flat Tommy? ???

Pallavi Dureja says:

Hello mam. Can this tea be used for a patient with high bp


Is desi ghee means home made? Can i use normal ghee which i found in shops? Like GRB..

Sharink Raheem says:

Gheek pakaram vere enthenkilum cherkamo mam

Lurio Ferrao says:

Can you pls let me know how to make a large batch . We are a family of 5 .

raju Ahmad says:

#AskNisaHomey can i add turmeric
powder instead fresh turmeric

Suveenakv Majeesh says:

#Asknisahomey? mam i have stomac ulcer problem. Can i use this turmeric tea

Anje E. says:

This is perfect… Just back from Jamaica with my turmeric roots and no idea how to make the tea… Now a new subscriber… Thank you! 👍🏿

shobha v.a says:

#Asknisahomey , plz help me to get rid of my belly fat which I got after so many years of my pregnancy, in the morning it will be fine after having food n water my belly will become fat , in the end of the day it will become more bigger , am very thin after having food my belly become big like 5 months pregency plz help me mam

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