Turmeric: Spice for your Brain

Turmeric: Spice for your Brain

The adaptogen plant turmeric has been a mainstay of Indian and Asian cooking for millenia. Its root is chock-full of bioactive curcuminoid compounds that have been shown to provide wide-ranging benefits from the reduction of oxidative stress to the reduction of psychological stress.

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Flo Bartholomew says:

Thank you????

Edris Wais says:

Oh man, I wish you people would have cut the bullshit and got to the god damn point already. JESUS

Kathy Malone says:

schizandra is very good for mood and balance

Ed says:

I wish people would stop calling it "tumeric", like the guest did.

Akshay Aradhya says:

Indian here 🙂 There is this one dish that is really tasty and its my favourite dish its called chitra-anna a.k.a Lemon Rice . And turmeric is one of the key ingridient. I eat it pretty often about 2-3 times a week 🙂

Pyronormalactivities says:

What is the name on the othe spice? Chacendra?
 I can´t understand it, because im no native english speaker.
Great Episode by the way.

Vegan Nurse Practitioner says:

How do you spell the 2nd item you were talking about around 23:00

Neuropsychopharmacologistic infinite dimensions says:

thank you for posting this !

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