Turmeric Post Workout | Reduce Soreness and Control Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

Turmeric Post Workout | Reduce Soreness and Control Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

Curcumin for Muscle Soreness

Turmeric Post Workout | Reduce Soreness and Control Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

While regular exercise is linked to decreased inflammation, exercise in and of itself creates an inflammatory response

Acute exercise vs chronic exercise: difference between measurements taken after a single bout of exercise when compared to long periods of consistent exercise
A single session of exercise will increase inflammatory cytokines, oxidative stress and leukocytosis
Following chronic exercise, or exercising regularly, both reduced inflammatory markers and increased anti-inflammatory substances are found

How can both of these be true?

Exercise puts stress on the body – without stress we do not grow

This stress creates an inflammatory response to help and heal the muscles that have been worked.
Reactive oxygen species are created when we workout and muscles and other body tissues are damaged
Inflammatory cytokines are produced as part of the healing process
These inflammatory substances lead to muscle pain and performance deficits

You may have heard tips to not spend too long at the gym or it can be hard on your body – this is due to inflammation.
When we work out too hard or for too long, the inflammatory response will be longer, and we will feel increased pain, such as delayed-onset muscle soreness

In order to get back to working out, we want to employ both smark workouts and diet to help us reduce inflammation and heal quickly.

Turmeric and Inflammation

Turmeric, and particularly the most active component curcumin, have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects in the human body

This impact also helps with muscle soreness and fatigue

A 2007 study took mice and had them run on treadmills, either uphill or downhill, with or without curcumin in their diets. Downhill running leads to more muscle damage.

The mice were then split into three groups: one group ran on a treadmill until fatigue 2 and 3 days following the first exercise, one group’s voluntary wheel running was recorded for 7 days, and another group had their muscle inflammatory cytokine concentrations measured.

It was found that for the downhill mice, the curcumin group was able to run longer at both 48 and 72 hours than the placebo group, experienced greater voluntary wheel running for the first two days than the placebo group (both were the same day 3 on), with lower levels of all three inflammatory markers measured 1 and 2 days following the initial treadmill exercise – some but not all of the differences were significant, but all inflammatory markers measured were less for the curcumin group as compared with the placebo.


1. Chronic low-grade inflammation after exercise: controversies

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Scott says:

I'm on an aspirin regimen. I had a dvt blood clot five years ago. I take two 81mg aspirin daily. Would you recommend Tumeric as well?

malhar ingale says:

We indians have been using turmeric for centuries. The problem is indian dietes are very high in carb and fat that has raised the obesity epidemic.

Max Goodwin says:

What amount of tumeric?


How much turmeric though ?

Callaham Sepe says:

You should go to Unflexal workouts, the best workout instructions.

Rugby Hunk says:

Absorbtion of turmeric is difficult . This is why my gym drink is boiled turmeric with whole black pepper. Pepperdine increases absorbtion of termuric, so my I drink that I also add ginger and cinnamon and cocoa nibs in the water to boil with it, then when cooled I add Apple vinegar cider and organic natural non-synthetic vitamin c powder

kronos77 says:

I was always told to use Turmeric with some fat-olive oil or butter and black pepper, to get the most out of it.

Random Thoughts says:

I love your videos on turmeric! Please make more!

Bryce White says:

I take coffee cup of almond milk heated up add 2 Scoop turmeric, 1 scoop ginger, big dash cinnamon, pepper, 2-3 tbps coconut oil, desired honey – blend it – PREWORKOUT – but you'll have a yellow mouth, so brush your teeth, head to the gym! and get ready for a great work out

Rob McIntyre says:

Another great video.I cook with turmeric all of the time. I am intermittent fasting and usually do not eat until about 5 to 6 hours after I work out(mostly calisthenics and bicycling).If I were to take an empty stomach post work out would this break my fast ? I know you are busy these days with baby on the way so I will be quite patient in awaiting your response. Many thanks for all of the content you post !

Michael An'gileo says:

Thank you, Thomas. You are doing remarkable work! God bless you.
Michael 🙂

Jasia Khan says:

In one another video of yours, you suggested that we should consume turmeric before workout so that the liver can function well.
And in this video you have advised to take it post work out.
Is it okay if we take both ways ?

Benjamin Linkel says:

Do you have a way to consume turmeric post-workout without breaking a fast?

Ben Sommer says:

Meriva form is far superior. Combine w boswellia and it cures my headaches, and I'm literally light on my feet the day after a max effort sprint workout

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