Turmeric Health Benefits Outperform Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) | John Douillard’s LIfeSpa

Turmeric Health Benefits Outperform Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) | John Douillard’s LIfeSpa

Turmeric Health Benefits Outperform Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) | John Douillard’s LIfeSpa

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Whenever western scientists discover a new natural herbal medicine they quickly try to discover the active ingredient that makes this herb so beneficial. Then, they try to patent a process of extracting it, and make it into a drug that only they can sell. This almost always backfires, as it has done with turmeric.

As we will see in this article, and a handful of upcoming articles regarding other herbs, when you take the so-called active ingredient out of a plant, you almost always lose the most important benefits of that plant.

It is safe to say that most people know about the benefits of turmeric, and that most are taking an extract of turmeric, called curcumin, rather than the raw turmeric – as the extract is thought to be a more potent form.

While curcumin is the constituent of turmeric that gives it its yellow color, it only makes up about 5% of the turmeric root. The other 95% is made up of more than 300 other constituents in turmeric that are rarely talked about. New science is suggesting that they are possibly even more potent than the curcumin.

To study this, researchers took the curcumin out of the turmeric root and studied the effects of curcumin-free turmeric, and the results were surprising. The turmeric without the curcumin significantly outperformed the curcumin extract. The other constituents such as the turmerin, turmerone, elemene, furanodiene, curdione, bisacurone, cyclocurcumin, calebin A and germacrone proved to be more potent support for blood sugar, a natural inflammation response, and healthy cellular division. (1,2)

…read more: http://lifespa.com/turmeric-health-benefits-outperform-curcumin-turmeric-extract

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Pieter Christiaens says:

Thanks for the explanation!

Lottie Cooper says:

We always focus on the bioavailability of compounds but I am wondering if some of the health benefits are derived from the activity of the bacteria in the colon and how turmeric etc feeds them. Not saying we shouldn't try to get more into our system but wondering if we are missing another key factor-thoughts?

space radish says:

Thank you Dr. John D. for the video. I'm a little confused. When you say the whole plant are you saying we should be consuming the root and the greens of the turmeric plant? Should they be cooked in ghee with black pepper or raw? Do you recommend not peeling the root?

algo says:

Thanks for the info!

Sergio Domingues says:

Hi john, can you do a video about how to prevent high blood pressure and hypertension?

Loveiseverything says:

Tumeric has intelligence because it was created by an intelligent being

trakba says:

Why is a 6:22 minutes video required to just say "turmeric > curcumin" as if someone would consume curcumin and turmeric separately,. Unless the video maker is not willing to make huge loads of money (considering his number of advertising videos) out of our severe dis-advantaged diseased selves, there is no need to make so many number of videos of such long length and at such high frequencies.

trakba says:

That feeling when you click at the exact time-point in the video where he speaks the speaks the main point out of all the time wasting talk.

Ange Cann says:

Hi Doc, love your videos. Turmeric has been a God send for me in many ways.

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