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turmeric, turmeric health benefits

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Alina Alive says:

Hey guys! Thanks for watching!! If you enjoyed this video, you should check out my more recent video – Chlorophyll HEALTH BENEFITS https://youtu.be/OtaGCsQvahg


Great info.
Thank you


Alina Alive, OMG i know this is so inappropriate , i do have serious issues and i should focus on what you are saying but you are so beautiful

Shawna Young says:

You couldn't be more on point sister. I am a cancer survivor, When I takeTurmeric Curcumin, I feel alive! I want to chase mountains, Live, live this is indeed the miricle hidden spice that's name is Heal the suck,& treat the illness, I'm in shock of the absolute change in my whole body functions as well as my depression being a cancer survivor, always thinking that cancer will return. Now I know through facts that this will not happen to me ever again. If it does,,well we all have to pass one day right? God Bless you Father for Your Herbs. We are to use them in abundance!!! They make people well😙 forget the pharmisists, less you become slaved into their Protocol no no no not! For us.

shima daftarian says:

Are the capsules supposed to smell funny? Mine have a strong scent when I opened the cap. Is that normal?

danmom D says:

I love Your videos very informative I bought my husband this one https://goo.gl/tKBoJz and he love it.

NR63 says:

Very informative ✋

T Miller-Forbes says:

You r one of my favourite YouTuber

D J says:

Great vid. Definitely helped with my digestion. Thanks for sharing.

Anthony Man says:

killing me with these thumb nails!

randy johnson says:

sexy lisping

Remarkable says:

I went to Walmart nobody knew what turmeric was

poppy's dream says:

love these type of videos!

Lucario Amethyst says:

I love your intro and outro song. It reminds me of my favorite video game! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I watched this. 💗

Georgina Ortega says:

I totally agree with you, I have been taking Turmeric., along with other supplements to stay away from taking hard medications for fibromyalgia and also for arthritis. So far it has helped tremendously with the pain issues and have been able to cut down the use of muscle relaxes and non-steroid pain meds.

Aleatha Groomes says:

Hello Sister! So glad I came across your videos they are very informative, I had to subscribe to your channel.Thanks

Nycole Taylor says:

LOVE this video!!! Thank you so much!

Entice The Brand says:

Great video! I usually cook with turmeric, I tried to drink a turmeric tea once…that was the first and last time of that…LOL!! I was just sitting here thinking that I should buy some veggie caps and make my own turmeric supplements, and BOOM you show the bottle of supplements you got. I shall be looking for a bottle. Thanks so much for sharing!

greenwhiskey7 says:

Excuse me but turmeric is a spice. Spices come from roots, herbs come from leaves and stems. Sorry! Just dropping knowledge.

lilsaintx1 says:

love this video! thanks so much!!

Dog Bear says:

have you tried turmeric in liquid form? got mine from SBR nutrition. i like to take it with lemonade or a smoothie. tastes a lot better to me that way, absorbs more than pills. thanks for the video about benefits, i didn't know some of these!

Sameera salah says:

Thank you😊🤗❤

Emmanuella says:

more herb vids pleaseee 🙂
I love them !!!

happyjojo626 says:

you are a beautiful young woman.

Brian Parker says:

I love your video good info you have a new subscriber

Healthy Living says:

Great video and very useful information.

MyLyfe...MyJourney says:

Great video! Very indormative.. Just found your channel. You have a good TV personality.

Jules Dolan says:

I can get fresh turmeric root at my local Ralph's market and I blend a few small roots with a pealed small lemon and inch piece of ginger every morning for a week now…and my joint pain in my legs is gone!! It's pretty miraculous….It worked better than Tylenol and works all day. I used to have a bit of trouble standing from a low couch…and now I just pop up. Also…I would have leg cramps at night, and they are gone too!

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