Turmeric has greatly eased my arthritis pain!! Its great for so much more

Turmeric has greatly eased my arthritis pain!! Its great for so much more

I’ve been using turmeric several times a week for the past 6+ weeks. Last week I noticed that an area I have been experiencing arthritis pain was all but pain free. This week I am. It’s winter too!
Here’s a few links to sites that give more info. Turmeric has soo many other healthy benefits.



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Dorsey Green says:

I`ve tried out numerous treatment for my arthritis joint pain, however the arthritis treatment method “rumrum shocking press” (Google it) surfaces all of them. It is a magic. I`m old and fairly active, work full-time, keep a vegetable garden here in South Florida, do a lot of lifting and carrying bags of soil and fertilizers, plus harvesting and pruning.

scarletjazz says:

Good video–just started taking it today for my hand as well. I have the pills so we will see. Thanks for the info.

SP330Y says:

It really does surprise me how many people can't pronounce the word Turmeric properly, lots of people say CHEW MERICK and that's wrong it's TER MERICK,if you say CHEW MERICK then you are totally missing out the letter "R" after TU and it's not a silent "R" so has to be pronounced.
Another thing people always say and type wrong is Brought insttead of Bought, when they buy something and sell it online they say i Brought this a year ago….?? instead of Bought, what's going on in the woorld 🙂

Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav says:

hype ..hype ..The spice Turmeric is very in oxalates (91%), which appeared to be the primary cause of the greater urinary
oxalate excretion/oxalate absorption from turmeric. The consumption of supplemental doses of turmeric, can significantly increase urinary oxalate levels, thereby increasing risk of kidney stone formation in susceptible individuals.and also damages your kidneys .If you have kidney stones , Gallbladder stones or kidney disease do not take turmeric . Tumeric is over hype, and a multi-billion dollars supplement industry promoting it just like big pharma .
Taking turmeric every day will lower your hemoglobin and you become
tired and sick , Turmeric chelates iron out of your body . Go to your
Doctor and get your Iron levels checked if you take turmeric every day
.Too much of o a good thing can make you sick . Life is about balance
.So much hype on the internet people selling books and supplements same as big pharma every one wants money !
over doing things and you go against mother nature .kidneys have to work very hard to filter large amounts of spices , Moderation is the key , over doing it can damage your kidneys in the long run ! one day you wake up and you need to be on dialysis ! party is over !

Jay Hillz82 says:

I use it too and it works!!!

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