Turmeric for depression health benefits

Turmeric for depression health benefits

In this video I bring you the results of a research study, on the benefits of turmeric in the treatment of depression.

Depression and curcumin study link

If you taking medications consult with a medical doctor. If you want to take a course of herbs I recommend you talk to a herbalist. If you want more information contact me by email.

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Maryam Shahzad says:

What time we should drink?

Yenebera Sunil Kumar says:

sir, am Sunil being suffering with severe depression became weak in all and knee pain both legs am 43 yers do upload latest videos of home remedies at earliest..

Usmin Salic says:

I have a breathing anxiety , ill give this a shot hope it works with a help of god amen.

KC Smith says:

Is there anything to do for withdrawal from doctor prescribed meds? I'm 5 months off a cold turkey and feel so off in my brain…Nervous system is shot

jasmin dangol says:

is it possible to drink turmric with water for depression..

Lauren says:

I cant believe how much better i feel emotionally on curcumin..makes you much more even keeled and bad memories or bad thoughts are almost eliminated completely…I will never be without it again. plus it upped my tennis game quite a bit!

Mohan7 says:

Big pharmas don't like this idea !!!!

Eric Downs says:

BCM-95 is what you want to use over tumeric from what I've researched. Thank you for the video! Awesome lighting by the way.

skione n says:

Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing

TheLesnar28 says:

Thank for this video mate.

Kimberly Rose says:

Tumeric does work! I have used the golden paste for awhile now.. I have severe depression…. and this is the only thing that has ever helped me.. I have been making the golden paste for my Mother who suffers even worse than I do.. she hasn't even been on it for 1 week yet and is now able to get up and actually clean her house… it works people! Give this a try.. You won't be sorry.

SoniaRose / says:

Great video, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

Kat Lori says:

if on alprazolam should i taper off first and then take turmeric? or is it safe to take while on benzos?

TheAyasan says:

Dearest Tom, Hello to you to start with ๐Ÿ™‚
Wonderfull video yu did, as everytime you post, its informative. Turmuric/curcumin are simply on my top 10 list for their healing properties. There isn't anything they arn't good for! I prefer the fresh one simply since the capsules are hard for the body to absorb. Any form of turmuric need to be taken with grinded black pepper AND a fat (coconut oil, ghee, olive oil ect…) in order for our body to assimilate it. When not taken with those, we absorbe 15% of its benefits vs close to 80% with fat and pepper. Please try it in your golden milk, some say it leaves your lips greassy but heck! It will condition your lips while you drink and you can wipe them off after:) Stay blessed Tom, have a terrific day ๐Ÿ™‚

Inid O'fty says:

I drink Pukka turmeric gold tea, tastes a bit like lemon sherbet.


Thank you for sharing this information. Tom, you said you use it for inflamation adding a 'spoon' full to a cup of beverage. Is that 8oz. of liquid and how much is a 'spoonful'?

Sztermel says:

+ for consuming turmeric with black pepper as it increases curcumin absorption

Christian Thomsen says:

Great information, i didnt knew that.
I drink a herb mix with st johns wort and yarrow and yerba-mate for my depression and then i take gotu-kola pills and detox with chlorella and silica, i read that bad heavy metals can get stocked in body and cause depression.

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