Turmeric Curcumin BEWARE:4 things to consider before buying

Turmeric Curcumin BEWARE:4 things to consider before buying

4 things you should look for BEFORE buying a Turmeric Curcumin supplement. Go to http://purelyholistic.org/tcyt and use code PH117799 for a 10% discount on our Turmeric Curcumin.

Please note: The 10% off discount code PH117799 only applies to the purchase of one bottle of Purely Holistic Turmeric Curcumin. If you buy 2 or more bottles then a 10% discount is automatically applied and there is no need to use this code. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer by Purely Holistic.

The turmeric supplement video above details the 4 crucial elements when selecting an effective turmeric capsule.


Our market leading Turmeric Curcumin Capsules are 100% pure and manufactured in the USA with BioPerine® for maximum absorption. It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory with numerous health benefits.

For YOUTUBE viewers only we are offering 10% off our Turmeric Curcumin.

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The video above reveals the many health benefits associated with turmeric curcumin extract. These have been independently verified by Dr. Randy J. Horwitz, the medical director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Curcumin extract can help with many conditions because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


However many of the Turmeric Curcumin Supplements being sold fall into 2 categories.

1. They add fillers and binders so you don’t get 100% pure turmeric curcumin
2. They either upset customer’s stomach OR they are not absorbed as curcumin is not easily absorbed in water. The solution is to choose turmeric supplements with BioPerine® which ensures absorption.

Purely Holistic 100% Turmeric Curcumin Extract Supplement adds both of these ingredients to their Turmeric Pills and is manufactured in the USA in GMP approved facilities.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to claim your 10% discount on the Purely Holistic Turmeric Capsules.

The Purely Holistic® Team

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Gerald's Videos says:

Thankyou for this.

10:4 littleal says:

Does this Turmeric work better 'cooked' with foods or just by pill from? Thank you.

Gary Singh says:

I half a tablespoon with water everyday also works great with dogs if mixed with an egg and dog food

Anita Foster says:

I have an food intolerance to black pepper. Will I have an affect from the bioperine?

truthsout says:

Thank you for the reminders. Much obliged. I only buy powders.

dsupanga says:

Turmeric + cinnamon + pepper + garlic + ginger + virgin coconut oil + apple cider vinegar/lemmon juice + honey.

nakita655 says:

I juice the roots for pure turmeric juice. full up a quart mason jar halfway. I then juice ginger roots add lemon and honey and take a shoot glass everyday. crazy healthy.

Sharky McShark says:

How do I add black pepper to turmeric curcumin capsules?

Ajit Kapadia says:

Well explained.

spenel334 says:

how does one know the right strength, i.e. how many milligrams to take?

FeelGoodGold says:

I think my family members' health is far more important as compared to my own, Maybe that is included with being a mother

Robbo says:

thank you Kate

Kathleen Shannon says:

Adding black pepper to your cooking with raw turmeric root makes sense. They should be used together for optimum absorption. Always eat enzymes after you eat, anyway, or papaya or pineapple. Trader Joe's has a papaya and pineapple enzymes, very reasonable price.

Johnny Bumpous says:

can I use the root itself as a tea or ground up?

Aldo A. Bertozzi says:

Just ad grinned black pepper to Turmeric and you have done the Boost yourself! ;-))

que2pineapple says:

I bought a bottle that says, "Turmeric Curcumin Serving size (Turmeric 500mg curcuma longa (root)". It doesn't say curcumin in the nutrition facts. Does that mean I should get some that says curcumin in the nutrition facts for best results or is it the same?

tuszakbaby says:

Can I open the pills and add to food ? I can not swallow large pills

Angela nunya says:

is it safe to use if u have congestive heart failure and high blood pressure

Alison Stevens says:

Hi, I have been taking Turmeric naturally, i.e in cooking forms and drinks, however I am coming to realize that to help with my Grade 3/4 chondropathy, (I may need to take in capsule) also I have damaged cartilage (basically non existent now) also Tendonitis, plus all of my joints are constantly inflamed. I have been off work for a year, and have just been going to specialist who told me it was wear and tear and my age. Keep taking more tablet for the pain. I am financially getting worse now have been off work for one year, so I am desperate financially to be able to return to work and earn again.As I do not live in the USA is it possible to order from you but not sure on the cost of shipping to where I live from you guys.I have searched for this 100% Turmeric, with Bioperine, but only find fillers.Please can you let me know your cost and of course if I could purchase more locally.Thank you.

Marlene Pacanowski says:

Is it ok to take if you have Crohns disease ?

A10TOES says:

What is the difference in using Turmeric compared to Curcumin? I have both. Also have Curry powder I mostly use the Turmeric in spicing up my foods. Getting low so what about using this organic curcumin in place of the turmeric?

Lola Rew says:

+happycarmenable it does stain clothes and your nails. I make sure to sleep in old tee shirts and I use a foundation brush. You don't need anything expensive.. Lol Elf makes brushes for a buck. I use turmeric, lemon or lime, honey(optional), and water. You can use a microfiber cloth with your cleanser to cleanse with in the morning. I use my rice water for my toner and extra virgin olive oil mixed with a drop of rice water as my moisturizer. That's it! Oh, the cleanser I use is "Grandpa's Thylox Soap". If you've a problem with acne that soap's really good. For acne or to even skintone turmeric is really wonderful. I always used Evening Primrose or Black Currant oil for my hormonal acne..I don't know if you're dealing with that. You can purchase the soap from GNC.. Hope this helps! 🙂

Joycelyn Kairi says:

a very helpful help on the medicinal properties of turmeric.  I have a garden full of turmeric but lack knowledge in its usage and am so thankful. Joycelyn Kairi – Papua New Guinea.

jed santos says:

Is greek yoghurt a suitable fat to absorb all health benefits from tumeric + black pepper????.

Cathy Cee says:

I make golden milk with Soy…make a turmeric paste out of 1/4 cup of ground turmeric powder, 1/2 cup of water 1 tsp of Pepper…boil the water add the turmeric and pepper, it will come together quickly into a paste, add a little more water if needed…store in a glass container or bowl…add one tsp of the paste to any milk or non dairy milk( i use soy) add 1 tsp of coconut oil and a little honey if needed..heat and enjoy.

Christine Hickey says:

Are your products organic?

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