Tumeric vs. Curcumin

Tumeric vs. Curcumin

Benefits of using Turmeric and how you can start using it now!


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Tucson JJ says:

It is not "Too-meric" it is "TUR-meric"… just an fyi . 🙂

Umbra Sacratus says:

I have lupus, connective tissue disease, constant joint inflammation and all the wonderful things, sarcastically speaking, that come along with it.  I hear you need black pepper to make turmeric work in your body and a certain percentage of curcumin as well.  how exactly should I be taking turmeric or curcumin and is there a supplement that you recommend that would be good for me.

Patti Neal says:

I've heard that putting fresh tumeric in warm milk at night helps you to sleep. Is that true? Also, can I use any type of nut or coconut milk or does it have to be cow's milk to work? I am lactose intolerant and can't use cow's milk.

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