Tumeric, curcumin and diabetes- this one will blow your mind

Tumeric, curcumin and diabetes- this one will blow your mind

The latest cutting edge research on the spice turmeric and how it affects your risk of developing diabetes
Dr Feuerstein
The Medical Minute

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Dr Feuerstein says:

A classic Ayurvedic way to use turmeric is to use a teaspoon amount in warm almond or soy milk

Fotna ZZ says:

I need to know how to take it? Shall we put in into a glass of hot water or just sprinkle it on food?

Dr Feuerstein says:

Thanks for watching
The sugar pills weren't really sugar pills ! Ifs is just what people call the inert placebo pills used in randomized trials

Home and Away With Johnny says:

They got diabetes from taking the sugar pill 🙂

Dr Feuerstein says:

Thanks for the video

Lorenzo Rivera says:

Great find Dr. Thanks for sharing. Also, I read that mixing turmeric with black pepper, virgin olive oil and coconut oil into a paste will make it bioavable for the body to absorb.

Dr Feuerstein says:

Hey there
It obviously wasn't an actual sugar pill
It is just a common expression for a placebo – in fact placebo don't usually contain sugar at all
Thanks for watching

Idris Zam says:

thanks for this video  dr feuerstein.but how can we eat curcuma or how can we drink it ? and how much per day
thanks and wish you good health and succes

joseph feuerstein says:

Real turmeric if I recall correctly

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