The Ultimate Bedtime Drink

The Ultimate Bedtime Drink

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Alicia Baella says:

I tried this but I think it's too strong to drink every day. After the 4th night I had horrible stomach cramps, and I mean HORRIBLE!!! I stopped drinking it and the cramps stopped.

rover dome says:

I got a terrible fright at 1:26 when her hand got huge and hairy for a sec! 😂

Yelis says:

2 weeks ? wtf. Im looking for an instant recipe

Mewvlum says:

Chowder and mung make this one 🙂
(Cartoon network)

Alexandra Rieloff says:

Thank you. this is great.

1957katlady says:

What kind of coconut milk did you use?

prakashyadav008 says:

The basic ingredient is cow's milk ..that's why we use turmeric with it to break it down properly ….

O2leyS says:

Requesting free book of inflammation. Please send to O.T.

Eva Hitchcock says:

Thank you for this post! You might like my turmeric-ginger shot recipe. Ginger helps with turmeric absorption and adds digestive and cardiovascular benefits. Let me know what you think!

Krista Zurawski says:

Why is your stevia greenish? Can't you use powdered ginger and ground black pepper instead and not need to strain it?

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