The Dangers of TOO MUCH Turmeric

The Dangers of TOO MUCH Turmeric

Current recommendations considered safe:
1/4 teaspoon per day of powdered turmeric
approximately 1/4 inch of fresh turmeric

Want to know how to take turmeric and optimize absorption, this video is for you:

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I also encourage us to acknowledge our inherent responsibility to protect our environment (currently being decimated by animal agriculture: the leading cause of green house gas emissions) and speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves: the billions of sentient beings who are tortured and slaughtered every year. OUR CHOICES MATTER.


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Gail Wautlet says:

Your absolutely right on with diets being too high in oxalates. It can cause problems and those crystals can also lodge in joints and tissues like muscles. Some say say those with compromised liver function will have to be even more careful, like certain people genetically. I can't have a lot of foods high in oxalates or salicylic acids and it's really frustrating but what can I say, I'm glad you did this video. People may not know what they don't feel good going vegan and this may be why. It can still be done just look at the chards and avoid the high foods.

Southern smash Muckbang says:

I suffer with kidney stones 😢so I think I will lay off of the turmeric for now because I just passed a stone a week ago today! I am still recovering 😲

Robert Mayo says:

I like Turmeric in the morning with one banana one apple and one pear with some kale and water and I blend it about 32 ounces

Emily Carter says:

Love the hoops

Patrick Cree says:

Oats contain phytic acid that bind to your minerals,and stops you absorbing minerals.all oats,seeds except hempseed veg and plants contain phytic acid this is why veggi vegan diets is pure BULL.

Patrick Cree says:

You look like you been on drugs for a very long one in their right mind should listen to you,keep taking the drugs.

Jen Rand says:

Best information on the subject that I have found thus far. I drink it as a tea, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on the best way to strain the powder after it is boiled. I end up with a bunch of powder in the bottom of my cup which means I have to pour out the last bit of my tea. Any suggestions on something that would be small enough to strain the powder? Thanks!


Excellent video information comes in handy you r a bit like me in some ways its a health supplement in pure powder form use this wisely dont use way to much or your could damage your self I no how to detoxify your whole system in say about 4 to 7 dsys or less once done you feel 1000 percent better you ever did before certain veg fruit s pure spring water is good for you but you only need say 2 times a week as long as your bodys fully detoxify lung s liver heart kidney s my method worked) pure turmeric is good use only when needed human body dont need this every day if you have cleaned out you r body like you have been though a car wash then all s fine cool been there done it on my own very simple how to do iv just bought 200 grams of turmeric make this Last you can use in different ways with different ingredients read up simple be safe dont use to much only the right amount per day I use only when I need it if I feel pure inside then dont need for long time everyone s different some use more than other s some use Less than other s

Michael Y says:

What about 3 tablespoons per day… that’s what I do and I just feel so damn good all the time. Hmm

Michael Y says:

Lol this video… go Keto for life.

Jon Boll says:

Greger is a charlatan. He also says eggs and milk are unhealthy.

Joseph Walters says:

This a natural source of acid which does not affect the body, because it's not process foods.

Alexandria Banks says:

in another one of your vids, you mentioned a great smoothy with licorice with turmeric, please send me an email concerning the recipe Thanks for your help!


thanks Lily

Dennis Smith says:

They ALWAYS find a problem to a solution… EAT SOME McDonalds you skinny bitch!

Leonor Prado says:

thank u for the information

Frank Thomas says:

First I don't use POWDER stuff. Man made garbage. I been drinking turmeric n ginger tea for over 30 plus years. I ride 300 blocks daily all weather plus pull ups n push ups. Stop believing all these doctors. Broken neck n shoulder surgery God bounced me back. frankt998 Instagram I show how to make the tea. Smh at so much false info.

Bianca Domicolo says:

If this is true its really discouraging. Its so much work to eat well and learn all that comes with that so if healthy food is still unhealthy then wth.

Juan Colon says:

turmeric is wonderful

Juan Colon says:

turmeric is wonderful

Juan Colon says:

turmeric is wonderful

War Planner says:

Thanks for the advice, Lilly. I was looking for an alternative to Ibuprofen anf stumbled onto turmeric. Hope it works. By the way, if you need to up size your ear rings, I understand that Toys'R'Us is having a sale on hula hoops!


Wish people would just get to the point.

Denise fitness gal says:

best to buy whole root unpowered. India adds a lead filler to most I read. or you can grow your own.

henry brown says:

People from i dia eat it everyday westerners always try to influence other cultures keep eating sad diet

Jeff Stone says:

Another excellent video. 1/4 tsp per day is less than I would have thought as the optimal dose. Will adjust my intake lower. By the way, it’s a long “a” in divalent.

Notgiven Notgiven says:

You ding my little bell

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