SLIM STOMACH?? || Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar

SLIM STOMACH?? || Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar

Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar are two things that can really help your stomach slim down super quick and I decided to share that with you all. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

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Kierra J says:

You’re such a cutie.. I’ve been reading so many helpful benefits of turmeric

Tyra Jackson says:

i got the organic capsules because the loose powder gives me heartburn even in a drink. but not the capsules

Imma Ware says:

I'm going to do ACV , turmeric , cayenne , honey & cinnamon . Ginger also helps .

Rob Rob says:

Your enthusiasm is wonderful! I hope you believe in Jesus for your sins to be forgiven! Nice video!

Usman Nawan says:

You should have showed us how u made this

ERIKA K. says:

Awesome video. Thanks!

All For Jesus says:

This hottie is right, yes this stuff works like crazy, it really does and fast, she's so right! 😉

Tanithia Melton says:

how much weight did you lose?

Teeshyboo L. says:

You should def do a before and after picture. Makes it more believable!!

Teeshyboo L. says:

I literally drink this morning and night for 3 weeks for it's health benefits but have not lost ANY belly fat lol like none what so ever and I workout (lift and I do hiit) and I'm vegan so I eat healthy too yet no results

Regina Dunham says:

Correction: she does tell us how much water: 2cups. The info is all there.

Regina Dunham says:

At .31she lists the ingredients and measurements for the drink, but not how much water.

Blessings Jesus says:

You are adorable and thanks for great advice 😊

Maria Dacosta says:

You are no exemple for the greater part of us for you are very young and we aren't. Your body reacts faster to losing weight.

Christopher O'Donnell says:

Thank you for your video. Do you think adding frozen lemon (I pan to freeze a whole lemon, grate it (without removing skin)) to your recipe would be detrimental?


Been doing this for about a year and went from 175 to 149 without excersice plus I feel great. Nice review.

ariana grande says:

Could you use un raw apple cider vinegar?? I can't find raw apple cider vinegar anywhere


Are you drinking this room temperature or cold or warm?

Endtime Saints says:

U didn't give the amount

Hawaii says:

How do you make it? What proportions would be really helpful…thanks

myrah-x Robert says:

cool video dear…
gat any before n after pics??

Shannon Williams says:

Do you add water , or is it just straight turmeric and acv? Great video by the way!

Heedah Harris says:

where would i get it from

Bob Miller says:

I've been doing a morning cocktail of 1 tbs ACV,1/4 tsp turmeric, 1 TBS maple syrup and dash of pepper for the last ten days and while I haven't weighed myself I know I've lost weight. I think it does curb hunger because I seem to have lost some of my cravings for junk food.
BTW you're absolutely adorable 🙂

Adrienne Montanari says:

What are the measurements? How much tumeric and how much vinegar?

Nick A says:

can take tumeric capsules and acv capsules together. instead of black pepper, use cayenne capsules. black pepper can be irritating to the gut

Janina Rojo says:

lmao you toooo funny but cute hahahhaha enjoyed watching this

Donata Skinfood says:

This is an AMAZING drink.

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