Power Up Your Brain with Coconut Oil and Turmeric www.ahealthguideforyou.com

Power Up Your Brain with Coconut Oil and Turmeric www.ahealthguideforyou.com

Turmeric or more specifically Curcumin the active ingredient in turmeric used as a spice in Indian cuisine for 1000’s of years has been praised for many mind and body health benefits. Craig Renaud and Jeff Hamelin from www.ahealthguideforyou.com show you how to take this powerfull stuff down.

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flaka barajas says:

Warm milk a d turmeric works good for me

michelle81477 says:

Lmao!!! That was great! Good stuff…:-)

Rab carn says:

you could mix the coconut oil and tumeric together by mixing it in to a paste then take it.

Jamal Brown says:


Paul Clark says:

You need pepper, other wise you are wasting your money, also need the saturated fat but you got that with the coconut oil.

Lynette Duncan says:

The оil iѕ оvеr 80% saturated fаt [ Check Details Here ===https://t.co/PBHDmZipb4 ], whiсh mainly соnѕiѕtѕ of medium-chain fatty acids, rаthеr thаn thе long-chain fаttу асidѕ thаt mоѕt people соnѕumе regularly. Thiѕ makes it оutѕtаnding.

koubek99 says:

I make toothpaste from coconut oil, not even need to wash it away from mouth (no flouride). I like turmeric, try fresh one. I start growing it this year, just a little baby now 🙂

George Dragon says:

OMG If laughter is the best medicine this video has boosted my immune system just by watching, thanks guys you
really made my day, cant remember laughing this much watching a video, lol

ted carriker says:

Jesus dude..so look up some research. Black pepper added makes the Curcumin 2000% more bioavailable. Spewing it into mid air makes it 10000% funnier 😂

Tom Sawyer says:

I just know you forgot to include the peer reviewed studies to back those wild claims about coconut oil being good for your brain. All anyone needs to do is look at the people that consume the most coconut oil and palm oil and check their health. That would be Samoa and American Samoa. They have the highest obesity along with some of the highest rates of heart disease and stroke. Take a look at some of the Paleo advocates in recent months that have experienced their own heart attacks and strokes. Saturated fat is not a health food. Fat is a more serious junk food than sugar with no vitamins or minerals and three times the calories.

What's Up says:

#Turmeric challenge

Faisal Rafique says:

I add Turmeric to black tea and add unpasturized honey and sliced ginger. I will add half tea spoon of coconut oil tomorrow.

Elie Yaffa says:

Getting tumeric like that is a waste ofMoney.. You gotta mix with below boiling water add 1 tea spoon of coconut oil and black pepper into the mix to increase the bio availibility

markay616 says:

put it in the water with ground pepper

Andromeda says:

you should add recently ground pepper, if you want the benefits to be absorbed and multiply by a Lot!

21NorthMedia says:

dude that was hillarious how he blew the turmeric powder out of his mouth when he laughed

DCD says:

just by the color i can tell the turmeric you use is diluted and low quality

87Tempests says:

you need to take it with black pepper and coconut water to make the absorption better. Also, it doesn't hurt to add cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ginger and other anti-inflammatory spices to the mix. I take it with everything, massive difference. You can also add fruit juice to it to kill the taste of the spices. That is a great help when you take it everyday.

Awad Elkareem Saeed says:

you made my day, thanks alot. my tears still running

MonstersNightmare says:

I take these things and my brain functions are still terrible

elocin sel says:

hahaha he needs practice 🙂

Michael Mowery says:

that was Funny!

Things I Wonder says:

Nice video!

1:36 there is an easy remedy for that here http://www.bulkherbstore.com/The-Capsule-Machine

I prefer mine in juices, teas and foods but it does get old so caps give that change of pace.

Marisol Catts says:

I add  a tablespoon of turmeric to warm almond milk. The turmeric is so thick you  to keep stirring so it can dissolve, but it's the only way I can consume  turmeric  because it is an overbearing taste.

Ghis says:

I had to watch that twice, with my sister, just because it was THAT hilarious. lol I'm in tears still.

Linda Henderson says:


Donna Wilson says:

Now that was funny!ha ha ha

Tana C says:

I wish I would of thought of this before almost spending $30 on turmeric capsules…ahhh.Anyways thanks for the video,made me laugh:)

Ann M says:

Made me laugh!! If you add black pepper to the turmeric its 1000 times more potent. It might be an idea to make turmeric milk it is surprisingly easy to drink. Just mix coconut oil/milk turmeric cinnamon honey together really nice

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