Please Take Your Turmeric This Way to Get Full Absorption & Correct Results – Dr Mandell, D.C.

Please Take Your Turmeric This Way to Get Full Absorption & Correct Results – Dr Mandell, D.C.

Turmeric has miraculous healing abilities to keep your body pain free and healthy. Most people are not taking this herb correctly. Start making these simple changes and you will see wonders of healing for you and your loved ones!

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Yasmeen Surjan says:

Ok behalf of all friends and family and neighbours u are talking too much and not to d point dey shub your video aside

Vitrom Vitro says:

ORGANIC… know best
Have to be ORGANIC NONE GMO …KOSHER is good too.. you know better!!!!
ORGANIC… witness
Dr Russell Blaylock… Good sir good water !!!!
Dr McDougall recommend noNE MAMOGRAM ….REAL Dr recommend no MAMOGRAM….
TY. Bollinger EXPOSE CANCER ..some Drs INJECT CaNCER witness….
Dr S. BURZINSKY 🙋 good Dr. Request free video
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Dianne Henry says:

Hi there, just started drinking tumeric and ginger tea…love it! I have a couple of questions though…Hopefully someone can answer them. I buy the root not the powder…for one cup of tea, how much tumeric root should I use? Also…can you re-use the ginger and tumeric for another cup of tea? if so…how many times? And how many times per day?

Leo mojica says:

thank you for all your videos yes all that you say does work if people were not lazy to buy or try they would feel better I love all of this. I am a personal trainer, but before I recommend I
make sure I try these myself for about a week. I make sure that they let the doctor know

lue lunsford says:

Im taking it for tumors and pain honey it working for me

Inquisitor6321 says:

What about saturated fats like butter or peanut oil?

Scott BLOW says:

I learned cayenne delivers tumeric is thia wrong

TDubsKid says:

thanks so much for this information!

FitB4IGetOld says:

i've been adding 1 tsp. of turmeric, 1/4 tsp. black pepper, stevia and heavy whipping cream to hot water and drinking it once a day for about 2 weeks. i have not noticed any pain relief in my lower back, in fact, it almost feels worse. Am I doing something wrong?

BrillionRadio says:

I add a little MCT oil for even better absorption 🙂

Gem 11967 says:

Bio availability … Say it over and over again until you get it right omg

walter byrd says:

Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat. Is that a good thing?

Jan Labonte says:

Can you take an Omega 3-6-9 pill first before taking the tumeric?

Ray Rodriguez says:

Dr. Alan, you mentioned taking it with fat. How about drinking it with warm milk?

dinesh dinu says:

guys take some pinch of turmeric in warm milk daily before go to bed.. its really good for health..

김혜령 says:

터메릭 인도 향신료 아보카도 식물성 단백질 함유

Grace Be says:

Do I have to heat it to get the benefits?! I make my own capsules by mixing organic turmeric with black pepper. I take the capsules with a good fat, like an avocado. Isn’t that good enough? I CAN’T STAND THE TASTE OF TURMERIC! Cooking it in my food is NOT going to happen!

Lenie Lam says:

I always add turmeric in my daily cooking but never add black pepper, will try to add it, my handmade facial & body soap is from turmeric, rice and moringa juice , i am Malaysian Siamese/Thai

Patrick k says:

Coconut oil is almost as bad as butter.

Patrick k says:

Incredibly long for the amount of information.

roy A.W.J. says:

love your videos, but please get to the point, the reason I clicked.

Larry Boy says:

Question. I usually drink ginger & turmeric tea each morning. Can I simply add black pepper to it after boiling it ???

Mayur 9850013601 says:

I you want to get read of all toxic and cancer……. Drink fresh June of raw turmeric in morning empty stomach

charles z says:

youre bald and wear glasses?????

renderson thomas says:

can i use turmeric to lose belly fat

Massiel R says:

Me too I love coconut oil.

Z lives matter says:

make: Fire Cider (Google It) 👌

John P says:

Turmeric or Curcumin?..which is it?..I have a Tumeric root at do I prepare it..should I use a grater or what?..and how much of the grated root in that case..I've heard that to get the right amount of curcumin for it to be any meaning.. you have to have a lot of how much is much?

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