Native Path Daily Turmeric (Activated) Curcumin & Black Pepper Extract

Native Path Daily Turmeric (Activated) Curcumin & Black Pepper Extract

A few reasons why you should add Native Path (Activated) Turmeric to your everyday diet!

Turmeric has a special chemical compound called curcuminoids that are some of nature’s most powerful pain relievers. The combination of ginger and curcumin allow maximum absorption into your body while reducing pain and inflammation in a 100% natural way.

Inflammation is also one of the leading causes of heart problems, chronic pain, and Inflammation. Chronic inflammation stresses and ages the body. Studies show Turmeric to be as effective as other known anti-inflammatory remedies.

Inflammation causes stress in the body which creates age spots, wrinkles, and low energy. Turmeric can help you look and feel healthy again when added to your daily diet. As well as give you a boost of energy so you can play with your kids or grandkids like you always wanted too. 

Inflammation weakens your body’s first defense which is known as your immune system. By simply taking a Turmeric supplement daily, you can strengthen your immune system giving your body the ability to fight off colds, and flus naturally.

Turmeric has also been found to help reduce brain fog, and help strengthen your memory. Scientists have discovered when using Turmeric daily the brain cell production increases.

Turmeric can drastically lift your mood. Turmeric has shown to have a powerful positive effect on mental health when used daily. 

Curcumin is not readily absorbed by the body.  That’s why we’ve added two ingredients to boost absorption, Black Pepper Extract has been clinically shown to naturally enhance nutrient absorption. 

Ginger has also been scientifically proven to enhance the absorption of Turmeric. Black Pepper Extract and Ginger work together in our powerful blend so your able to receive all of the benefits that Turmeric has to offer.

Product Features

  • Fights against Inflammation, and chronic pain.
  • Helps build, and support your immune system.
  • Helps support mood, memory, and brain health.
  • Blended with ginger, and black pepper extract for absorption.
  • Easy to swallow capsules for people who have trouble taking vitamins.

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