Losing weight quickly with: Ginger and turmeric tea

Losing weight quickly with: Ginger and turmeric tea

Hello everybody,thank you so much for the support with my videos.

1 table spoon very generous of ginger
1 table spoon very generous of turmeric
raw honey

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good video, big kiss big hug for sure lol

Christine Martin says:

Your voice is very calming. Thank you. I will try it.

Ed in NM says:

Just curious, can't the ingredients (ginger, turmeric) be added to food and be just as effective as drinking the tea?

rosa Alvarez says:

Hi Elaine I just watched your video. Can cinnamon be added too? I am asking because I just started drinking turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.

Samantha black says:

Hi quick question! Does the teabag has the same effect?

Thandeka Ndlovu says:

How many times per day do you take this?

Complete Asset Building Inspections says:

turmeric is not advised for pregnant women it was apparently was used as a form of birth control

Raishel Williams says:

how did she measure it? did he grind it up?

forrealgirl 42 says:

Thank you for sharing the video, I was trying to think of how I will use turmeric in everyday use. Or just to try and be a little healthier so thanks very much for the video..

bhagi g says:

hii..thank u for sharing this video..
can I use ginger paste instead of ginger powder??

Michele Thomas says:

thank you for responding, I'm using fresh ginger and turmeric

Michele Thomas says:

how many cups should you drink

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