Inflammation Reducing Drink: Golden Milk Frappe (with ACV)

Inflammation Reducing Drink: Golden Milk Frappe (with ACV)

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8 ounces almond milk
½ T Coconut Oil
½ t Ginger Powder
½ t Turmeric powder
Optional: ½ t raw, organic, local honey

Inflammation Reducing Drink: Golden Milk Frappe (with ACV) – Thomas DeLauer


Multiple studies have found almond consumption o be beneficial for cardiovascular health – Largely through lowering blood lipids& may also reduce inflammation

Case Study – Almonds beneficial for several inflammatory markers 1

2010 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition

25 healthy adults, both males and females, age 23-53

Following 2 weeks preparation where participants consumed 34% energy from fat, subjects were randomly split into three groups and followed these diets for 4 additional weeks:

Heart-healthy control diet without any nuts (less than 30% energy from fat)

Low almond diet (10% replacement of control diet with almonds)
High almond diet (20% replacement of control diet with almonds)


Serum E-selectin was significantly lower for those following the high-almond diet than the control diet, with the low-almond participants with E-selectin values in the middle

C-reactive protein (CRP) was lower in both almond groups when compared to the control group
No differences were found on IL-6 or fibrinogen


Case Study – Recent Study Finds Vinegar Reduces Inflammatory Markers, Body Weight, and Food Intake in Obese Mice 2

2017 study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports


Both vinegar groups experienced reduced body weight and food intake

Nipa vinegar more effectively reduced inflammatory parkers and well as lipid deposition and serum lipid profile

MCT Oil 3

In traditional Thai medicine, the coconut has been used for centuries for a wide variety of ailments.

In multiple studies, coconut oil has been found to possess anti-inflammatory effects.

Virgin coconut oil has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory effects on ear edema and paw edema in rats.

This effect was thought to be partly due to reducing granuloma formation, transudative weight, and serum alkaline phosphatase activity.


The mechanisms through which turmeric reduces inflammation are thought to be:4

Lowering the levels of two pro-inflammatory enzymes in the body
Stopping the formation of blood clots through stopping platelets from clumping together

Case Study – Curcumin Reduces Inflammation Caused by Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Mice 5

2007 study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

Conclusion: In mice, curcumin may reduce inflammation and improve performance following eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage.

Ginger 6,7

Case Study: Human Study of Ginger finds it to be More Effective than Placebo for those Suffering from Osteoarthritis

2001 study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology

261 knee OA patients with pain ranging from moderate to severe took part in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group, multicenter, 6-week study to evaluate ginger extract versus placebo in reducing “knee pain on standing.”


Those in the ginger group on average reported a greater reduction in knee pain on standing, knee pain after walking 50 feet, and Western Ontario and mcMaster Universities osteoarthritis composite index.

On average the ginger extract group experienced a larger reduction in the intake of rescue medication when compared to the placebo group
Global status was on average improved more in the ginger extract group


1. Effect of almond-enriched high-monounsaturated fat diet on selected markers of inflammation: a randomised, controlled, crossover study

2. Anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects of acetic acid vinegar and Nipa vinegar on high-fat-diet-induced obese mice

3. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities of virgin coconut oil

4. Turmeric

5. Curcumin effects of inflammation and performance recovery following eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage

6. Ginger

7. Effects of ginger extract on knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis;2-J/full

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Elyse Wang says:

How about hemp milk? is that a good alternative to almond milk?

Nancy Hollo says:

Turmeric hot cocoa is good, cocoa, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, stevia.

FunDaReav says:

The bioavailability of turmeric is much too low to be useful, would add some piperine to get it up quite a notch (hundreds of percents actually).

Alex Webb says:

I add cinnamon to the drink. Makes it amazing. Is this okay to do?
Love all the videos, you're awesome!

Nick Pendragon says:

Trying to find Carrageenan free Almond Milk in the UK is tough, but more importantly the amount of Almonds used in the mix is very low only 1 or 2%. How much in Trader Joe's ?

coco ck says:

Hi! I found this video really helpful, but I'd like to get your opinion on what foods can help you reverse gout. Thanks a ton!

freesyddotcom says:

Bro did I just see you take a bite out of raw ginger?!

Lesly Garrido says:

How often do I drink it?

timira page says:

When should I drink it

Jamie kalk says:

I think the recipe in the video description is wrong. The amounts for ACV and coconut oil are switched.

Alezandar Broxx says:

hey people what's your thoughts or research on pink salt with water Durning exersize morning before bed

GQ Kevin says:

Can we drink this multiple times a day?

pattgsm says:

Thomas, You've introduced to to the benefits MCT and Coconut oil thank you. Looking forward to trying some of your drink recipes like the bone broth. Any recipes for elbow tendonitis? I've had a long time goal of being able to do pull-ups. To that end I 1st lost 60lbs through Keto/IF and walking. After the weight loss, I then got back to basics with calisthenics and 3 mo of Australian pull-ups 10×10 every other day. I've since graduated from 0-4 regular pull-ups. However, now my rt inside elbow is very tender. I've switched my Aussie and regular pull-ups to a neutral grip and reduced vol/ frequency and have also taken a break from all pull work altogether. Any recommendations? Thank you for the great content. Waiting for the collab w/ Dr. Berg!

Richard James says:

good stuff but need to summarize with less talking.

Dreoilín ÓCoigligh says:

Allergies to nuts.

doc phibz says:

No black pepper to aid in absorption of the curcumin?

MarissaHurst2 says:

Can you do a wheatgrass drink? I can’t figure out how to make that taste drinkable!

NasIsLike says:

Congratulations on the 420K my man!

William Dibos says:

Does powdered ginger have the same efficacy as fresh ginger?

Darren Shondee says:

Question, can raw unfiltered honey kick you out of ketosis?? I know I've seen a video from you in which you mention raw honey is good for you and you use it. I am wondering and would like to know if honey will kick you out of ketosis or if there is a minimum amount you can have without affecting ketosis or insulin spikes.

stephanie namou says:

How many times a week should I drink this?

SparkShadow 89 says:

I was wondering, could you use cashew milk instead of almond milk?

MultiThanku says:

Maybe you can do a full day or week of eating. Great video as usual.

MoWa BiL says:

Phytates are inflammatory?!! Do you have a study to support this?! And almost all seeds and plants have phytates in different amounts! Are we supposed to strip every natural whole food out of the ingredients we don't like! And who said that phytates are bad?! They can just bind to and decrease the absorption of some minerals, but not that big of deal, especially if you consume enough minerals from different dietary sources. Phytates we shown to have benefits as well! I am not convinced.

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