Health Benefits of Turmeric: My Top 6

Health Benefits of Turmeric: My Top 6

Konniche wah, Goji Man here. Welcome back to my channel. Today I want to quickly discuss the health benefits of turmeric. There is much misinformation out there regarding turmeric, so today I will give you the main facts of why you need to incorporate this awesome herb into your diet.

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So turmeric of one of the most studied herbs on the planet. There are well over 6,500 clinical studies and there is growing consensus that turmeric is one of the best healing herbs on the planet.

Now most people stock this herb in their kitchen without even giving it a second thought. Civilisations have been using it for well over 5,000 years and it has been heavily referenced in the literature throughout history. Today it is used throughout the world, particularly in Asia.

One of the coolest things about turmeric is that the science has shown that it probably offers more benefits than over 20 different medications.

The reason for this is that it contains an active compound called curcumin. Curcumin or curcumenoids are potent anti-inflammatory compounds and there are many different types of curcumenoids in existence.

So if you want to unleash the benefits of turmeric in your life then here is a list of some of the main benefits.

Number 1: If you suffer from any type of pain in the body than turmeric can help alleviate some of it due to its anti-inflammatory properties. So whether you suffer with joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia well then you should strongly consider turmeric because of its properties.

Number 2: Turmeric can help with regulating blood sugar levels. So if you have diabetes, or suffer with low energy levels because of conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, then the antioxidant compounds in the turmeric can help balance out blood sugar levels and keep your body on a more even keel.

Number 3: Now not many people realise but turmeric has potent antimicrobial properties. So if you have skin issues such as acne then as well as making the necessary changes to your diet, you should also consider looking at turmeric.

Many people with acne use turmeric as a face mask in conjunction with a small amount of aloe vera, which when used in conjunction with diet, works wonders for the skin.

So simply mix some turmeric and aloe vera, apply to the face and then remove after 5 minutes. If you want to go all out then you could even throw in your favourite essential oil. This combination will do wonders for killing of those bacteria on your face.

Number 4: One of the most well known facts about turmeric is that its great for helping with detoxification in the body. The reason for this is that it helps the liver by boosting two antioxidants in the body called glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

These two antioxidants are great for the liver and they also help with cellular health in the body.

Number 5: Turmeric has repeatedly been shown to be very good for heart health and for keeping the arteries nice and clean. So if you are someone who has been battling with hypertension or high cholesterol, or you just want to look after your heart then think about using turmeric in your diet.

Number 6: When all the compounds from turmeric come together in the body they offer potent anti-cancer properties. Now there are lots of studies around this in pubmed so I suggest you head over there and have a look if you are interested.

When you create an environment in the body that isn’t inflamed and that toxins are removed very quickly out of the body, then it creates a place that is difficult for cancers to grow in. For that reason turmeric is probably one of the best herbs on the planet for protecting against cancer.

So now we know what the main benefits of turmeric are, how do we consume turmeric in order to derive all of those benefits

So one of the first things that many people around the world do is to drink turmeric tea. So you can take a small teaspoon of turmeric put it in a cup, add a little almond milk, or other nut milk of your choice, and then add hot water and give it a stir.

So that’s one way you can incorporate it into your diet. Now this way is an acquired taste, so try it and if you are not keen then try some of these other tips.
Another way to incorporate into your diet is to obviously add it to your food.

You can make fritters, curries, salads, potato dishes and even sandwiches with turmeric in. There are endless ways to add turmeric to your food. So simply google vegan turmeric recipes and you will find hundreds of recipes so you can start unleashing the health benefits.

Now some people ask me taking turmeric in the form of capsules and whether this helps. Here the answer is yes and no. So yes by taking the capsule you will get curcumin etc into the body. But you will only get a small amount.

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Johannes Anttila says:

Turmeric should be consumed withbalck pepper to make it bioavailable. Othervise our body just gets rid of the good stuff, but piperin in the black pepper prevents our body from doing so.

Metalli Vegaani says:

I add tumeric to my self-made tooth paste. It makes the teeth whiter in a natural way! And is of course great for the mouth health because of its inflammatory trait. 🙂

patty 8873 says:

What about having to have black pepper with it? I’ve read a theory that India has a very low rate of Alzheimer’s due to turmeric in curries.

patty 8873 says:

I juiced fresh turmeric once and spent an hour scrubbing all the juicer parts, faucet, sink, countertop, everything it came in contact with. Be careful!

Kyla Szweety says:

Yes turmeric I love it! It's so good on avocado toast too

Meghan g says:

I have been adding turmeric to my salads for a couple of years now, it does help with joint pain. 🙂

Sunhye Park says:

What is a good amount of turmeric to consume daily? Love the vid!!

Vegan Apple Pie says:

Love your videos! I have some fresh tumeric in my fridge. I put i in salds and other foods.
Is it true that you need to combine tumeric with pepper for better absorbtion?

adamaj says:

You forgot to mention to use black pepper with turmeric. The blood levels of curcumin shoot up thousands of percent by adding just a little pepper to your turmeric.

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