Grow Turmeric at Home and Use this Anti-inflammatory Spice

Grow Turmeric at Home and Use this Anti-inflammatory Spice

In this video Bo shows us just how east it is to Grow Turmeric at Home, harvest it and Use this Anti-inflammatory Spice.

To really feel the health benefits of turmeric you need to be having a small amount every day over a period of time as it’s natural plant medicine.

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AgroSuede Backyard Gardening says:

Uh sorry…I want to believe is black peppers. ..but I heard black people. lolol

bud row says:

great video.

aqua fina says:

where's the how to grow part?

Romel Madray says:

Hi I wanted to find out about growing turmeric. With ginger
I know that ginger is planted shallowly. the rhizome is hilled up to promote
and lateral growth there is a hilling up of the ginger.From my experiences
ginger grows up and laterally rather than down. Is the same technique to be
applied for turmeric. Planted turmeric and just left it there for about 2 years
and got a great harvest. Never hilled up. Tumeric seemed to grow down rather
than up. What is your take on the planting procedure for turmeric. Regular
watering seems to help promote rhizome and leaf production

Also ginger appears to like a confined space, can the same
be said for turmeric.

Joey T. says:

Did she say black people or black pepper?

Vicky Tuali says:

Thanks for digging up your turmeric plant for us Bo…lol. Seriously, thank you for that great information. I was particularly interested when you said if you add black pepper it would really enhance the benefits of turmeric. Did I hear that correctly?

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