Dr. Rhonda Patrick Explains the Cause of Heart Disease

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Explains the Cause of Heart Disease

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains the cause of heart disease on the Joe Rogan Podcast, episode 672.

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bob dylan says:

Grains, sugar and bad fats are the issue. If you do eat these though, it seems plausible a diet that stimulates less ldl cholesterol could be beneficial.

Mumba Mumba says:

The mayor cause of death: dying.

The Oculus says:

She’s so hot, I love smart women.

lmwrt says:

A great interview and even better exposure. At last, young Drs speaking what everyone with an inquisitive mind and spirit already knew and should know  some time ago (because Mds do not know it) just listening some great older Drs telling us about it. I give you my congratulations Dr. Patrick for being so forward on the subject. This Dr, (she is an investigator I believe) being this young had the insight and the will to red the latest studies and what she is saying is what corresponds to the creme de la creme on investigation. It´s a pity Mds (most of them) don´t care about the latest investigations on health and just regurgitate what they have learn in medical school some 10 years ago.

JCmasters100 says:

Can you have a male nurtitionist on next time? Woman are trash at explaining things and everything they do.

Jettero Fletcher says:

As a lifelong carnivore turned vegan, I'm pretty stoked about this info…

Geor Ame says:

A little nerve racking to walk into a room and catch her staring into space..Jesus

Roman I says:

this dude trying to be funny 3:26

MarkK says:

>One of the major things it's transporting is cholesterol
>Subway too

lol rogan

Alex Badita says:

why doesn't she state that the human body naturally produce cholesterol…pretty much all the cholesterol we need.. the human body also produces its own carnitine..

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