Dr. Mercola’s Interview With Dr. LaValley About Curcumin

Dr. Mercola’s Interview With Dr. LaValley About Curcumin

Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. William LaValley about how curcumin, a derivative of turmeric spice, can help in cancer treatment.

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Bobby Caldwell says:

Micki is right. Healthy oil AND pepper boosts the bio availability/absorption/utilization. You're wasting your time and money if not combined . Curcumin brings on cancer cell apoptosis, which for some reason gets turned off. High amounts will cause the gall bladder to contract, so be careful… if there are stones…OUCH.

Eddie Power says:

Thanks Doctor you are a light in the health world

Micki McGlone says:

Curcumin / Tumeric is the stronger immune system builder on the planet.
it saved my life when I refused chemo and radiation.
taken with an oil like D-3 gel caps and/or Omega 3 flaxseed oil gel,caps or Coconut oil.
Curcumin isn't water soluabke abd to work it's magic must be taken with oil.
hope this helps.

Rinske Wagenaar says:

Thanks very much – my spouse is on chemo for myeloma – the hard part will be to convince him to try the curcumin. Maybe I will take him on a road trip to Chester Nova Scotia.

arflon me says:

Owesome ,,, very informative

Vicki Fotheringham says:

Super information!!! It is easy to understand as well. Thank you both Dr. Mercola and Dr. La Vallay!!! I am one who was just told that the chemo failed to do the job of riding my body of the metastisized colon cancer tumors. I KNOW there's something out there that will take care of this. But it is not chemo!

HarassedFor Mediating says:

Great Info Thanks Doc

fruitfast777 says:


karen maskall says:

I am glad you also discussed the need for a whole approach like also the need for the ketogenic diet because so many people think that there is a magic pill with these foods but you CAN'T heal your hand if you keep it in the fire no matter what you take.

TheNovelty8theory says:

Thank you Dr Mercola for uploading this information.

loganchamp says:

Thank you for uploading this  video!

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