curcumin lowers ANXIETY & DEPRESSION | study of the day 8

curcumin lowers ANXIETY & DEPRESSION | study of the day 8

In this study of the day we look at the benefits of curcumin in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


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Shirley Sarradet says:

Can you take tumeric when you are on anxiety medications or anti depression Meds?

Kenneth C says:

Hi Dr Benjamin just left a comment on your other anxiety vid. I would also like to add that my anxiety intensity was reduced by 50% using curcumin together with a table spoon of coconut oil a couple of weeks after I had my first panic/anxiety attack. Subsequently I used your technique and it was easier in alleviating the uncomfortable sensations derived from anxiety! Cheers!

Michael Davis says:

Btw… please don't attempt to take tablespoons of Turmeric like suggested in the video. All you need is 1 teaspoon with black pepper twice a day to see therapeutic results.

Michael Davis says:

Great information and love the music. Really appreciate you.

Mohamed Nadjmo says:

amazing video .. thank you

John Gray says:

Ben thanks for the link. Appreciate it, have a great day!
Your a good man..remember no good deed goes unpunished 🙂

John Gray says:

Dr S.,

I saw you were kind enough to offer to find a Doctor of naturopathic doctor for a fellow acolyte.
I am 20 West of NYC in New Jersey, Northern New Jersey. I
s there a check list of credentials/classes? That you would share so that I could make an intelligent selection?

Cheers. J.G. Farrell

Omer Asif says:

Please don't waste pages.

keanu pacific says:

After using curcumine for six months can I stop or reduce with antidepressant?

TFemm44 says:

What specific supplements for it do you recommend?

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