Curcumin as good as exercise in preventing aging

Curcumin as good as exercise in preventing aging Dr. Akiba Green offers a natural approach to treating chronic and hard to fix health conditions using neurology, chiropractic and functional medicine and nutrition.

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Akiba Green, DC, BCIM, CGP, board eligible Clinical Nutritionist

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valnaples says:

YES on the ground black pepper in addition to the turmeric…it helps our bodies absorb the beneficial qualities by 2000% I've read! nice job!  (but let's also EXERCISE & stay active, folks!) 

Beerelli Seshi says:

I have recently published paper that involves self-experimentation and describes improved bioavailability of curcumin, showing medical benefits.

B. Seshi, "Potential Medical Benefits of Eating Curry: A Self-Reported Case and Review," International Journal of Clinical Medicine, Vol. 3 No. 7, 2012, pp. 586-594. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.37106.

A PDF of the article can be accessed from the link to the journal,

Go to Archive; then under 2012, Vol.3 No.7

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