Burn Carbs and Lower Blood Sugar with Turmeric- Thomas DeLauer

Burn Carbs and Lower Blood Sugar with Turmeric- Thomas DeLauer

Burn Carbs and Lower Blood Sugar with Turmeric- Thomas DeLauer:
The trick is to know when to utilize specific foods, and in this case, a specific spice. Turmeric has so many properties, but its carb control properties are amazing! http://www.thomasdelauer.com

Fat loss is simple – in order to lose fat, you need to learn to control your insulin levels. Your pancreas releases insulin when you eat, and even larger quantities of insulin are released when you have a carb-heavy meal. This happens because carbs are converted to sugars in your blood, and the insulin is needed to control your blood sugar. When you snack consistently and eat a lot of carb heavy foods, your pancreas does not have the time it needs to rebuild insulin for your next meal.

Insulin remains in your blood for about 2-3 hours after a meal, and if you eat lots of carbs your pancreas never has a break from working to produce more insulin. Over time this leads to the pancreas not being able to release sufficient insulin, which can lead to type-2 diabetes.

Glucagon and insulin: glucagon and insulin work together in a balancing act. When blood sugar levels drop, glucagon tells the liver to release stored glucose to maintain blood sugar levels. This is when fatty acids and ketone bodies are released, which equals fat burning. Insulin and glucagon cannot be present at the same time, so if we are consuming lots of carbs and always eating we always have insulin in our blood, and glucagon doesn’t have the chance to kick start fat burning. So, consuming carbs leads to a higher insulin release, hampering fat loss and eventually leading to type-2 diabetes.

What can you do?
Snack less and eat fewer carbs, allowing your insulin levels to drop. You can also add turmeric into your diet. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine Asian cuisine, turmeric has been utilized for many years. Recently the blood sugar lowering effects of turmeric have been found in studies.

A 2008 study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found that both mice with diabetes and those without experienced lower blood glucose levels when curcumin was added to their diets for 6 weeks. When you lower your blood sugar you thus lower your blood insulin levels, allowing glucagon to get your fat burning mode started. Simply add turmeric to your meals to reduce your blood sugar levels and thus the amount of insulin released after your meals. Combine this with eating fewer carbs and you can help to control insulin, allowing for fat loss.

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Chaz Lynn says:

Great details in this vid.

Sergio Rangel says:

Does anyone know how much turmeric daily? I tsp is about 2000 grams.

royal city says:

Does vaping effect keto of fasting

Mike Gates says:

Can this help with acne (scalp folliculities)

TheHAPPYalix says:

Hot about a hot numeric tea, with coconut oil, before bed?

Carlos says:

Indian people are proud of you talking about Turmeric like this

Sherwin Siregar says:

How much turmeric should we include? I am doing IF and would love to include it in the last meal before the 18/20 hr fast

Azyreal says:

Any thoughts/experience on tumeric capsules and their effectiveness?

Furzana Hussain says:

I've combined turmeric ginger cinnamon and black pepper all in powder form and mix it in warm water and drink. I've not noticed weight loss but it's wonderful for regular bowel movements and gets rid of bloating. That makes all the difference in tummy size.

Creeps Nocturnal says:

how much turmeric though?

Rodney Cox says:

Just use pepper instead of bioperine to dramatically increased absorption of curcumin, but it works if a company goes so far as to patent it (hence the link). https://mefirstliving.com/blogs/turmeric-benefits-and-health-news/115329604-bioperine-make-sure-your-turmeric-supplement-has-this-vital-ingredient

jay jain says:

Bc .. khaya karo sab …. non veg se kuch nai hota gandu .

Mightz Of Glory says:

Can you please start editing out the use of "you see" that is thrown in almost every 30 seconds? It is way too distracting.

redsnowgoon says:

Indians have a lot of turmeric in almost every meal.. They are still overweight/fat??

Lokman Tiger says:

Hello Champ
God Bless ya man your Info,,, better than lots of Drs . kindly make a video about people with very fast metabolism and insulin , Blood sugar , they said we never get side effect from eating a lot carbs and fast food , sweet . I Believe every one will got side affect , please man we want video about this
Best Regards…..

melanie Hlili says:

Love this stuff I eat it fresh every day for the past month

Amit Das says:

Haven't tried this Tom.. tnx a ton ..

azi A Ahmed says:

I'm a cop and work night shift and this information from Matt is dope. This shit works

Chris A says:

Im.so glad I found your channel ,everything makes since,especially the way you explain them and elaborate I'm in my early 60s and a bit overweight but I am working on trying to get healthier and eating healthier thank you

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