Boswellia – The World’s Greatest Healing Herb (Inflammation, Pain, Arthritis, Cancer) – Dr Mandell

Boswellia – The World’s Greatest Healing Herb (Inflammation, Pain, Arthritis, Cancer) – Dr Mandell

This herb has an incredible array of health benefits that go well beyond just their nutrient value are considered ‘super-herbs. Boswellia is called Indian Frankincense and is known to have originated in the dry areas of India, Africa, & the Mediterranean. Boswellia is a true super-food shown to have remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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torilee27 says:

I’m not comfortable with ingesting but I use the oil daily on pulse points. The skin is absorbent so I believe we can still reap the benefits.

Ken Birch says:

Many thanks Dr. Mandell – What dosage is required for prostate issues?

joan lapi says:

Confused. Boswellia. Or Franincense. Both or one of each thx

Amran Na'avi says:

Very informative! Brilliant work!

Theloveshere says:

what up Doc? Is this herb good for Panic disorder? I want to be free

subzero subzero says:

maaan I've had a major toothe pain in my wisdom for years.. yea years!! I've tried clove! I've tried oregano p73! I've tried doxycycline, penicillin, etc nothing works like frankensense it kills the infection which kills the pain try it

Yavuz Selim ÇELENKOĞLU says:

What about primary seklorezon colonjit

Finlay Wood says:

My nerves and my feet are suffering from pain and I also have arthritis (degenerative joint disease) in my lower back. The arthritis treatment “rumrum shocking press” (Google it) assisted me cure this! I put this in my elbows, hands, feet, and neck. Its great effects keeps shocking me personally until right now.

Chris K says:


The Instigator says:

It sounds exactly like Canabanoids or CBD from Cannabis or Hemp

Lucas Bianchi says:

I live in Argentina Doc. The only brand i can find si pipping rock. Both in the serapeptease and in Boswellia. Is it a good brand?????. It is from USA. Thanks

Gail Freese says:

Amazon has fake reviews. It's hard to trust which ones are honest.

dawgg0077 says:

Thank you Doctor, I'm now a new, enthusiastic subscriber.

Flame Ford says:

I got difficulty utilizing my thumbs due to arthritis, so I could not grasp things correctly. Considering that I have been using this arthritis treatment method “rumrum shocking press” (Google it), my range of motion is way better and I also do not find myself sucking in my breath.

src cr says:

great video

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