BMJ REPORTS: Woman Free of ‘Incurable’ Cancer After Using Curcumin Supplement

BMJ REPORTS: Woman Free of ‘Incurable’ Cancer After Using Curcumin Supplement

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The British Medical Journal has reported the case of a woman who was found to be free of myeloma, an incurable cancer, for 5 years after taking a daily curcumin supplement. The MSM continues to report that curcumin has no medicinal value, yet the rate of myeloma in India, where they consume a lot of turmeric, is a fraction of what it is in the United States. Could it be that turmeric really does fight myeloma, and that this information is suppressed?

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thetruthergirls says:

Thank you for your support on Patreon so I can keep making videos like these You guys are what keep my channel going.

coastal biosapiens says:

Turmeric, pipperine, fat and heat !

Papicia Papicia says:

A French doctor on CBC about 10 years ago mentioned that he was cured with Curcumin. We have been taking it daily for a few years ourselves

Me Blake says:

The only thing that can stop cancer and all autoimmune diseases is the Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra mega toxic doses vitamin D3 protocol. Warning: the protocol must be followed by a Dr Coimbra certified dr or kidney failure can result.

Tanis Gentle says:

Can you post the link to the publication in the British Medical Journal please.

coolsunshinebro says:

MSM needs the money from pharm commercials. Why would they promote anything natural for healing.

Emily BH says:

What ELSE was she doing? Had she changed her diet? What she taking any other herbs? Did she do a detox?

Curcumin is just an isolate of the herb without all the buffers which are BENEFITS you get from the whole herb turmeric which include bioavailability that you do NOT get with an isolate. If you take the isolate, the best you can expect is stimulation with weakening to follow. With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Take it from an herbalist and someone who has done both.

Jon Hopper says:

That is awesome. Vitamin B17 works too. I guess there are 100s cures for cancer though. People with diseases should go to sites like for natural cures

bob hite says:

it's a good anti-inflammatory for about 40% of people; it's easy on the stomach and I've taken it in pill form for osteoarthritis of the hip joints.

Tracey Walker says:

I really love your no-frills, honest, rational look at the news… 🙂

Alisa Hogan says:

Here's a good blog – Margaret survived myeloma with Turmeric (curcumin is the active ingredient) and she links to lots of scientific studies, and describes her protocol and journey –

SimplyMarTv says:

It’s supposed to help with inflammation a lot of people say it works

Gypsy Jezebel says:

off topic but I love that old wheelchair very cool 🙂

Aaron games says:

Love your hair Sonya.

msvick66 says:

I recently thought of a "what if" scenario regarding cancer (which I have a rare form of). You did a video once about the baking soda cancer thing which was popularized by Italian doctor Tulio Simoncini. He had some good results. He posited that cancer in actuality is a fungus, specifically candida possibly. Once candida overgrows and lets loose, it can sort of morph into a different form which has these long root like tendrils that embed into cells or organs and is very tough to get rid of (and very deadly). It can overgrow because of antibiotics. Of course, he was arrested and lost his license and all this and was said to be a fraud and a quack (just like anyone who actually gets anywhere close to saving people from cancer).

Okay, so then you have that book Dr. Mary's Monkey where they say there's a simian virus that causes cancer that was allowed into a lot of the polio vaccines. Mainstream sources supports the idea of a virus being involved when they try and push the vaccine for cervical cancer by saying the virus in HPV leads to cancer. And you have the Royal Rife machine which worked by killing microbes with a frequency. His work was destroyed but testing had shown it cured cancer 100 percent of the time. They were very excited until the corporate robber barons unleashed their wrath on him and his machine which threatened medicine and Big Pharma in a massive way.

When you look back, there was a Warburg who won a Nobel Prize for discoveries about oxygen and cancer. I have no idea if he was related to the banking Warburgs. We do see that fungus/candida infections behave and respond the same way cancer does. Mainstream medicine admit that fungus/candida is always present along with cancer, but they maintain it's a byproduct that happens because of the weakness with having cancer apparently.

So here's my what if. What if they have lied about what cancer is? What if cancer is a virus or candida or can be either, some type of microbe that infects a cell, not the cell itself? If you wanted to make sure that no one despite millions of dollars and the best and the brightest scientific minds trying to cure cancer could ever succeed, how would you do it? If you fundamentally lie about the very essence of what cancer is, that would have scientists legitimately trying to find a way to cure it always miss the mark. They have told us that cancer is our own cells that mutated and turned into something else, so the cures are about killing our own cells which turns out to be a deadly treatment for obvious reasons. If it's a microbe of some sort that infects the cell, then research should be on killing the microbe not the cell. If it is a fungus, perhaps someone eventually saw the link, and like all corporate professional liars, came up with a story. "Uh, yeah, candida is always there, but it's not the actual cancer, it's an extra thing that tags along with the cancer". But they give us mixed messages with the HPV virus story, what does a virus have to do with cancer if cancer is our own messed up mutated cells? Is it possible they have known this all along (certain people that is, not the majority of medical people, more like those who NEVER get cancer like the Rockefellers (since the one guy back a long time ago, the royal families, the Rothschilds, Gates, Soros, Kissinger, JP Morgan, etc)? Is it really even feasible that our own cells could operate like a cancer cell does (no oxygen)? But candida and fungus do operate like that.

It's just a 'what if', I have no idea but if they are misleading the entire medical research and practices on what it is fundamentally at it's very core, it could help explain why Rife's machine worked and why they are spinning their wheels getting nowhere. Remember, they are said to have a way to inject people with fast acting cancer viruses. It's what they were working on with Fidel Castro during the Kennedy years. So we have plenty of suspicion that cancer is a virus, fungus or microbe of some sort, that they know it, and are misleading those treating it and those desperately trying to cure it.

Zenith Astrology says:

I think Myaloma would respond to Sonya. I put turmeric in my coffee sometimes. It's also great for hard ons, has practically no flavor.

catitude4 says:

The article said there is no proof. That doesn't mean it doesn't work. It means there has been no studies done on it to point to. And there probably won't be since Big Pharma can't own a spice, so no big profit.

Димитър Китов says:

Link to article anyone?

Mr99RICH99 says:

Where would you find turmeric

Marge Paz says:

I have tried that for joint pain but no help 😕

hello hun says:

The problem with turmeric, is that it tastes horrible. Capsules even taken with white ginger burns up your stomach.

Symbolic Living says:

Whole foods are always best! I studied aromatherapy, all about plant chemistry and healing. The combination of compounds is what makes these healing plants work in synergy.

Josephine Jensen says:

8 grams = 1.6 tsp

Gil Stead says:

Turmeric, cannabis oil, raw vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, garlic all contribute good health on the  immune system.

zwarst says:

Good breakdown, interesting indeed, boo big pharma

James Pawson says:

Sadly, turmeric absolutely destroys my stomach.

Christine Walters says:

You might like to research Blushwood Berry for healing cancer.

Christine Walters says:

Yep . . . It's curcumin that holds key. Apparently we'd have to eat bucket loads od tumeric to get adequate amounts of curcumin.
How come Big Pharma can patent stem cells when they too, are part of nature?

Bronzesnake says:

Awesome! Thousands of cancer patients are being cured with Apricot Kernels also. Of course Big Pharma can't have that, they can't patent natural remedies! So they put pressure on the Obummer admin and got it banned in many states.
Apple seeds are also excellent cancer cell killer.

I would not trust any Big Pharma supported journal for the truth. Try these natural remedies for yourselves. There's a LOT of info and testimonies on YouTube, check them out.

Great, interesting video young lady!!
Say hi to your husband and boy for us.


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