Apple cider vinegar/Turmeric & Ginger weight loss drink

Apple cider vinegar/Turmeric & Ginger weight loss drink

Trying/testing out a new weight loss regimen to add in to the regimen that has helped me loose 100lbs in less than a year

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William Payne says:

should add black pepper and coconut milk to fully absorb

mildred padin says:

You need to add some black pepper if not the turmeric won't work well.

Kandi kandi says:

what if i dont have tumeric as the root but instead i have the powder is it a difference can i use the powder with the apple cider vinegar

brijette moses says:

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also on instagram: @mrsldyb Dm me first… I scan who I add this is why I ask you to message me first thank you and the best of blessings to anyone who is on a weight loss journey!!

Blessedandhighlyfavored says:

Can u use ground ginger & turmeric?

brijette moses says:

Yes I do both 🙂

Butterfly Queen says:

before and after dinner?

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