Anti-Inflammatories – Ginger and Turmeric

Anti-Inflammatories – Ginger and Turmeric

Dr. Weil believes adding ginger and turmeric to your diet can help decrease inflammation in the body. Research is still ongoing into these powerful anti-inflammatory agents and their long-term health benefits.

Three Reasons to Eat Turmeric:

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Mermaid's Reel says:

I take a morning turmeric and ginger shot. Recipe is on my channel. It helps relieve pain and inflammation so well.

andyv123 says:

85% and 90% lint dark chocolate is fab!

Aint1S says:

well, household member has the flu type b.

I've been taking ginger for ever and just bought some turmeric for another purpose. Here's to praying for the best, I didn't get the flu shot.

Wish me luck, I'm also starting in my room as well as outside to stay away. Seems as though the specific person doesn't care who gets her virus, because she wants to stay out of her bedroom with her mask off in the living room, kitchen, and the entire house in general.

Donna Werner says:

What, if any, is the benefit to making and using turmeric paste vs. fresh turmeric or turmeric powder? Should it be organic or does it matter? Thank you for your answer!

FeelGoodGold says:

I’ve recently been attempting to find precisely this type of content!

FeelGoodGold says:

This excellent video is effective 🙂 Appreciate it?

CorporalArtist says:

What a dick. Can't believe anyone would be as stupid as him. Please help me. Dumb as a fucking plank

CorporalArtist says:

Turmeric once a week just to get into the system here or there
No cooked veggies no drugs no alcohol no meats no sugar no processed foods no gravy sauces or additive s
Eat plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables 1 slice of bread 1 apple and dark greens
Another asshole talking BS

Christopher Nowak says:

I am in the novice stages of understanding about inflammation. It took 10 months of working as a janitor for my inflammation problems became serious. If switching from Voltaren to Tumeric (like I did), make sure to not mix the two too close together.

Herb Dickens says:

Mostly I discount Dr. Weil and his medical advice, but he is "Right ON" with his advice about ginger and turmeric!

Fettle Botanical says:

What a Great informative video.There's been studies that say Turmeric reduces beta amyloid plaque buildup ,which is one of the main causes of Alzheimer's disease.Let's hope more research is put into this.


DESTROY inflimation. This is what I do. I missed two days in a row and Im paying for it.
1 glass of warm water with 1Tsp turmeric+ 1tsp Arm and hammer baking soda. (NOT BAKING POWDER) Mixed in the water. 20'000 IU of Vitamin D3. 1'000 MG of Fish Oil.
+ a good magnesium and Zink Supp. That combination is AMAZING for ending inflimation. Of ANY kind. I think ill be adding ginger to the mix now.

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