ACV And TURMERIC Weight Loss Drink | 1 week

ACV And TURMERIC Weight Loss Drink | 1 week

Hey RnT Mob in this video I am introducing the acv mixed w/ turmeric drink that I am going to drink every morning for one week straight. it has not been a full week so stay tuned for that video coming up soon! Also see baby Gibbs chiller out! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP!

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Sylvie Cunha Barros says:

Forget the honey add a pinch of black pepper… It activates the turmeric. Beautiful baby 🙂

Trina Wagoner says:

Black pepper activates the turmeric to accelerate burning belly fat and quicker weight loss results. Look it up and do research on turmeric and weight loss.

miyboy1 says:

Oh my goodness….what a precious little pumpkin! So cute!

Brown sugar says:

For all those who don't know,while tumeric has very good benefits, its also a blood thinner so it's not recommended to intake for long periods of time

Vanessa Brown says:

Turmeric does make you lose weight I am taking the supplement and I have lost 19 pounds
in 4 weeks is where I got it from.

Shan Redmond says:

Your little one is adorable! You got a new subbie!

Hawaiian Girlzz says:

Oml Holy crap you drink that much I only drink a small mug cup

Debbie Green says:

I use to breastfeed and the do a pts always came through my milk. Your n.a. y is prescious!

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